RE主管Mackin女士: 关键阶段3至关键阶段5
凯莉:夫人 关键阶段3至关键阶段5
Pothunnah小姐: 关键阶段3和关键阶段4
艾利斯夫人: 关键阶段3和关键阶段4



年7 begin their first term looking at the importance of belonging to our Catholic 原理图ool community. 他们研究使命宣言的含义, AG娱乐网站修女会的历史, 圣方济各和校徽.

​This gives them an idea of the background of the 原理图ool and important values of the community they are joining. Throughout the rest of their first year they study a variety of topics including the Sacrament of Baptism and Reconciliation, 祈祷, 圣经作为神的活道的重要性, 救世主耶稣, 印度教和教会的诞生. 七年级在这一年里有个人班级礼拜仪式和教堂活动. 作为学习的一部分,七年级还有机会参观印度教寺庙.


The Year 8 course begins with a very interesting topic on Creation which looks closely at Christian attitudes to the earth and care for God’s creation. 接下来的主题是上帝在人类历史上的启示, 犹太教, 圣餐, 坚信礼, 《AG娱乐APP下载》,并在这一年的课程中学习社会正义和公共利益.
年8 also have a retreat day on ‘The Mass’ which takes place at the Holy Cross Preparatory 原理图ool, 以及全年的班级群众活动. Year 8 have speakers in from a local Jewish synagogue where they have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of 犹太教.


九年级课程包括终极问题和宗教哲学的研究.g. issues of life and death and proof of God’s existence); Islam and links between Monotheistic religions; Vocation – thinking about the future, 婚姻, Holy Orders and Religious Life; Conscience; Moral Issues and the Life and Teaching of Jesus in preparation for 普通中等教育证书考试.

他们在夏季学期开始普通中等教育证书考试道德课程,研究人际关系. 年9 have the opportunity to take part in a pilgrimage to Wintershall to watch ‘The life of Christ’, 一个关于耶稣生平的户外作品. 年9 also have a ‘Post Confirmation’ liturgy based on the theme ‘Go out to all the nations’.


在KS3,学生每学期有四个评估部分, 全年每学期有两项同行评估和两项全面评估. They are continually assessed by their teachers on the quality of the homework they complete and participation in lessons over the year.



在十年级,AG娱乐网站学习信仰的观点. 这里有两个部分:

  • 犹太教的研究. 这就是AG娱乐网站研究信仰影响的地方, 针对个人的教学和实践, 社区和社会. 这包括诸如上帝的本质等主题, 生命的神圣性, 自由意志和米特沃特, 会堂, 犹太成人礼,犹太成人礼等等.
  • 有两种宗教, 本节的哲学和伦理研究主题(RPE), 宗教, 人际关系、家庭和宗教, 人权和社会正义. 其中一些主题包括人类的性行为, 婚姻, 离婚, 家庭, 性别平等, 人的尊严, 权利与责任, 财富与贪婪, CAFOD和基督教援助会, 种族偏见和歧视等等.

在11年级,AG娱乐网站学习天主教基督教和天主教信仰, 教导, 实践, 权威的来源和表达形式涉及六个主题:创作, 化身, 三位一体神, 救赎, 教会和末世论.


The content of the course is very broad and develops many important key skills such as critical thinking, 书面交流, 辩论和有效的复习技巧. You will be expected to discuss and debate ethical issues of concern in society today as well as having the opportunity to study in depth another world religion. Religious Studies requires you to demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of a variety of points of view and this is essential in the world today.



  • 论文一: 天主教基督教
  • 论文2: 信仰的观点


There are two exams, both taken at the end of Year 11 which are worth 50% (1 hour 45 minutes each).  没有课程作业或受控评估.









This course involves the study of three disciplines; 哲学, 道德 and New Testament.

纪律 关于 课程内容
哲学 Students will engage with arguments and debates on religious and non-religious views of life, 它们集中在塑造现代世界观的一些关键争议领域, 比如邪恶和苦难的问题.

Students will extend their understanding through engagement in debates on issues such as the value of evidence based on accounts of religious experience. They will analyse and evaluate particular viewpoints of thinkers who have contributed to these debates.

Philosophical issues and questions; The nature and influence of religious experience; Problems of evil and suffering; Philosophical language; Works of 原理图olars; Influences of developments in religious belief.
道德 在这篇论文中, 学生将学习诸如平等等问题和实际问题, 《AG娱乐APP下载》和性伦理. These issues and problems will provide a sufficient balance of breadth and depth for students to acquire the skills they need to address a wide range of contemporary moral dilemmas and to progress to further study.

A representative array of ethical stances provides a basis for discussion and debate about major issues. This is further sharpened by engagement with the views and stances of significant ethical thinkers who have contributed to the debates.

Significant concepts in issues or debates in religion and ethics; A study of three ethical theories; Application of ethical theories to issues of importance; Ethical language; Deontology, Virtue 道德 and the works of 原理图olars; Medical ethics: beginning and end of life issues.
新约 Students will develop and extend their familiarity with the Gospel texts themselves and with the critical study of Christian beliefs about the status of the Bible and about Christian understanding of the meaning of the texts. They will be able to consider the views of important interpreters of the texts and contributors to the debate about the authority of the Bible in the Christian Church.​

These studies will give students the opportunity to explore links between this paper and other areas of study, for example in relation to Christian values in relation to the study of 道德 or the miracles of Jesus in relation to philosophical issues about their credibility.

社会, historical and religious context of the New Testament; Texts and interpretation of the Person of Jesus; Interpreting the text and issues of relationship, purpose and authorship; Ways of interpreting the scripture; Texts and interpretation: the Kingdom of God, 冲突, the death and resurrection of Jesus; Scientific and historical-critical challenges, 伦理生活与学者的著作.​


A级宗教研究 考试委员会:
爱德思 每个学科都有一个2小时的笔试:




The department provides many opportunities for the students to widen their classroom experience by providing retreats, 午餐时间祈祷机会, 关键的人, 班级和年级组群众, 举几个例子,伦理会议.